Our customers are the most important thing

Our existence and our position in the market depend on how fully we satisfy the wishes of our customers. In the current environment, which sees increased transparency on the market and strong competition, it is important to meet the needs of the market, to serve the wishes of our customers and to demonstrate the quality of our products and services to potential customers.

All of our company’s efforts must be focused on maintaining these principles. In addition, it is necessary to align our work processes, our organisation and our methods with this goal in mind. Because market demands are constantly changing, we must respond in a flexible manner and offer services that take these changes into account. We need to be aware that a strict adherence to deadlines, even under difficult environmental conditions, and the careful handling of the goods entrusted to us is expected.

We can only achieve all of this if every employee who is responsible for the quality of our services abides by the same set of rules. The quality standards demanded by our customers provide a challenge for all employees, whether during their daily work or in the constant search for potential improvements.

It is our aim to create the required conditions with regards to organisation and qualifications. We see the promotion of a sense of responsibility and of awareness for quality amongst our employees as a fundamental requirement. In this way, we want to assure our customers that across our complete range of products and services they can count on the competence and reliability of the international transport and logistics company Hammer.

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