We offer a wide range of services at a number of locations.

Together we are able to provide our customers with the best possible portfolio of solutions all over Europe.



Our head office in Aachen dispatches direct shipments for individual, partial and complete deliveries all around Europe. We also operate our own lorry repair shop at the Aachen location and our customers are given plenty of space for storage.


Our Cologne Branch

Our new Cologne branch located at Eifeltor serves two functions. In addition to stationing approximately 20 dry-bulk tankers, we also operate an on-site vehicle workshop and are able to offer our customers storage facilities, including plenty of warehouse and outside storage space available for use at any time. Using our own slitting station, we are able to load sacked, granulated goods into dry-bulk tankers. The other core feature of the Cologne branch is an ultramodern tank cleaning facility. This facility was developed according to the latest and most energy efficient parameters and is now being set up using state of the art technology. From October 2008, this facility, which includes two cleaning lanes for chemicals and one lane for foodstuffs, will be put into operation by TTC GmbH (Top Tank Cleaning GmbH).

Hotline: +49 174 - 34 67 131
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