Successful SQAS recertification

We have just successfully received the SQAS recertification. This makes us happy and is another safety aspect for our customers.

Updated certifications

Our professional quality, environmental and safety management has been updated again. This gives us a good feeling and, above all, our customers security.

Handover of the company to the next generation

Founded in 1989 as Europaverkehre Hammer & Co. GmbH in Aachen, we are still writing an exciting success and growth story today. We are particularly proud to be able to continue our family’s enthusiasm for mobility, technology and sustainability now in the third generation.

Modernization location Aachen

To meet the demands of modern logistics and the ongoing digitalization of work processes, we have comprehensively modernized our Aachen site, including the latest technology and environmental requirements. This means we are well prepared for the new challenges.

Corona Pandemic

In days like these, you want a reliable partner by your side. Our team is still there for you at any time. Do you have any questions about cross-border logistics? Give us a call, we will continue to do our best and offer the usual service … we promise! This is how we steer through the challenging situation together.

Expansion of the silo fleet:

We are responding to the permanent demand for “silo vehicles” and are expanding our silo fleet to currently 80 silo vehicles.

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